The art you should apply in all your looks

El arte que debes aplicar en todos tus looks

For several years, we have seen this trend best known as Mix and Match in flooding the Street Style.


But what is Mix and Match? It is the art of mixing graphic patterns in a single coordinated, achieving impact look, (practically a breeder of Prints and already). Well, not necessarily because to be a successful mix and match there are rules.

Taking into account that the word magic is not to combine but coordinate, pay attention because here you will learn the 3 basic rules to handle the Mix and Match as a professional.

  • 1: Mix different graphics in different sizes.

This means that a graph will always be protagonist and others are smaller (something like dad with children), here you can play with designs and patterns as long as you keep a hierarchy on them.


  • 2: The same family in different sizes.

This means that if you are going to use the same family of graphics always one larger than the other, an example of this is to use dotted prints, stripes, rhombuses, etc. of different sizes. The point is experiment.


  • 3: positive and negative

This type of Mix and Match is for the most daring. Using a single look in one Print but that the top part is clear and the one below is dark (or is positive and negative) and you ask "I'm not going to look clown?" At all because with these keys everything has to be balanced.


If you want to start at the Mix uses very detached clothes, try to wear a combination shirt with socks, either from the same color, print or design.

Remember that Mix and Match does not necessarily have to be a super Vogue style can also be very subtle, in nude colors and neutral tones. Starting with this will help you dare to experiment with more crazy patterns, and always remember feel comfortable with what you use.

The Loungewear line is ideal to start coordinating colors. Your smooth fabrics and neutral tones will make it easier for you to change each of your garments making hundreds of looks easy to use, add a couple of accessories and you are ready for a quiet way out with your friends.

Start by combining with a JumpSuit with a different tone above all, add that touch with a few heels or tennis.

Here the rules make them!


You can combine light trousers with a dark-tone blouse applying the negative positive rule. Add a hint of color to your look, try to play with the Lungewear Line Nude tonalities, you can add garments in Jade, Sherd, Plumbago or Pink Pink.

Remember that the accessories you use with your look will be the key piece to give you that shine to your outfit.