Loungewear 2021.


With the arrival of quarantine, humanity has been affected in different aspects, so we started taking security measures including social distancing. But over time it never passed through our mind to change our lifestyle or our activities and unconsciously we thought that we would with some kind of air masks or plastic plates, viewers, etc; That then in the future they took a more "nice" design that is what we know now.

Considered "dubious" alternatives so that in the end we ended up opting for the use of covers.

Leaving all this aside what truly brought the quarantine They were senseless desserts, bad habit, fantasy hair, bored and Zoom, a lot zoom And with this the famous "Home-Office", where costumes, dress shoes, ties and any formality were left behind by being at home.


With this fashion took a turn and thus is like "formality" and the SportShip came together bringing as a result Loungewear: style inspired by clothes to be at home, Where Jogger, point t-shirts, baggy pants and materials such as wool or velvet are characteristic of this concept.

Do not get confused, because this for nothing is pajama, okay? Well; Following with how fabulous it is, the colors that give you are typical basics or raw colors and that are easy to combine, that with all this makes it a trend very usable. This is how Alysh takes out the new collection of her inspired by the trend where the important thing is what is reached to see behind the screen: Loungewear 2021.


 This new concept gives you very confy garments, in a loose and simple version; But something extra that makes of this original and creative collection is that sweaters, sweatshirts and pants oversize They are today that in this case is a fundamental characteristic.

Alysh arrives adapting to this new routine creating new Looks More relaxed, dynamic and super comfortable that are equally compatible with the formality you need to be in the office achieving Combine comfort and style

We care Practical, that is why we are willing to transform the way dress by making Loungewear have the possibility of being able to be combined with any design, accessory or footwear; those favorites that you can never stop putting you, returning to this concept VERSATILE, That is, what goes with everything.

This new version presents neutral tonalities so that you do not have a pretext to take it with whatever you want and an example is that you can combine it with your jacket Easy Going, How the same if you do not know what to choose, here we leave these Tips and tips to have the ideal jacket and look incredible.


Once again let out that fun side, it is time to explore new trends and this is one of them. In this new panorama and lifestyle become a person without complications; Dare to be a person Easy Going.