Lifestyle: Spring Colors 2021




This 2021 discovers the colors that arrive to devastate this spring.

We still still at the beginning of the year and the spring is now around the corner (unless either) and with the passing of the days we have known of different and new trends, which is what has more relevance in the half.

In spring there is the use of the flowers that we must admit it; We use it too much. But something we must be sure is that spring
Speaking of color owns different views of different tonalities and it is true that although we would like We can not take them all!


From the Intense red, which represents thepassion and the explosiveup to that yellow it gives you Joy and happiness At all times, we want to give you the exclusive colors that will be present in our closet these months of sun and youth.


Important notice: These colors were inspired by the beauty of nature to support flexibility and reinvention. Take note that this is top.

Basic as black, beige and gray: Colors that will never become fashionable, are the ones that adhere to your style and silhouette, the most flattering one to its shape and style and the old reliable; For any age and almost for all kinds of occasion. If you are the perfect complement to you push you to that list.

Pink: Color that comes back and this time to stay, has varied and very different tonalities to give the nail to any combination, it promises to devastate this season and we can not be happier for that.

Green: Proposal that we have seen in popularity is and in many other seasons but today makes it better than ever, it has different shades and is an exemplary pillar if of spring it is.

Yellow: This color has stolen the cameras and proxy of our styles in different occasions and in a few seasons and this is not the exception. That's whether it is a trend only suitable for the most daring and the most Easy Going people. Dare yourself.

Blue: Another color that returns and by which we will bet this season, we recommend combining it with the basics to be able to balance your look. It has different tonalities and shows how flexible it is to adapt to any gender. It's your turn to try.

We have given a review of all these tonalities and we have the "Street Style" because you already know the saying "The walkway has it but the street proposes", and with this we recognize that these colors are the winners. Our collection Easy Going It shows us this variety what do you need to change completely and Exploit your style.

These and more colors in different designs you can find it at the Easy Going collection on our website

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Give yourself a fun, original and creative person thanks to your perfect complement. Be a person Easy Going and is part of the most colorful.