How to dress in light and comfortable house


5 ways to carry the trend of the new "Fashion to be at home".


With the arrival of the pandemic, which certainly took us a lot by surprise the world in question of society not only had to adapt bringing with it the Home Office, if not that the world of fashion also brought as a result the arrival of Loungewear. putting it as a main concept "Fashion to be at home" which has garments indispensable and super versatile Where to look good is not only every day if not anywhere and time.

Considered already one trendAlysh has given way to new combinations with the new collection of it based on this concept: Loungewear 2021. Providing you with looks that are totally out of the ordinary.

As we are sure you would love to get on this new experience and lifestyle we will give you 5 ways of being able to carry it and look super top.

  • Sport Top.

    I would be surprised that as well you can look with a Sport Top. At that time of work at home in the morning or watching a movie, this combination is Super comfortable. Play with intense colors or some print that can show that meaning original to your outfit.

    • BOOTS

    We know that Las boots In some cases they are difficult to combine, but in this case It will not be like that!. This collection can do this Match very well with some loose trousers putting on that side confy with the elegant giving him that sense that he is made to any occasion.


    If there is a combination that you thought it was not possible because let me tell you here. 2021 is time to reinvent and dare; Board the heels are already covered or open with a more casual style that right now fails.

    • Jumpsuit

    If we talk about versatile garments, this is the most indicated. Jumpsuit is a one-piece garment that you can use all year, it is light and super comfortable.

    Boosing all the ways with which you can use it would be impossible to finish! But let me tell you that the tennis, boots, simple sandals and heels can stand up to exploit that style that makes you unique and different.

    • Tennis

    Speaking of them tennis and as last tip, let me tell you that They are a religion, It's something that Always use And it adapts to any style, essence and combination.

    With Loungewear. are perfect for use with any piece, but we recommend you use it with a jogger type sweatshirt or pants and exploit the novelty of Jumpsuit.

    Play a bit with the Colors and prints In your sneakers, that will give you originality and a creative sense to your team.


    You want to know more? See all the models we have for you, go to the Loungewear collection.

    Download the digital catalog here.

    Alysh It marks the exclusive of the new collection of it and welcomes that essence of being spontaneous; Made for people who are and without complications. Made for people Easy Going.