The advantages of buying online

Las Ventajas de comprar por internet
To buy by InternetIt offers many benefits for Internet users. That is why at present, more and more people prefer to do theironline shoppingInstead of going to a traditional store. In this sense, it is important that you know the reasons why it benefits you in a lot of buying online.
Buy has always been a social act somehow. But now the markets are changing andInternet is upsetting the habits of citizensAnd, therefore, of consumers. Electronic commerce has an important role in all this, due to the facilities offered by consumers.

1. There are no rows!

Your dream come true, goes to cash without anything of people, no need to row. In this way do not abort the mission and you can finish your buy.

2. Comfort when buying

From the tranquility and comfort of your house, work, favorite restaurant, or where you have an Internet connection.
Even with new updates in Tecnologia, you can use any device, PC, Laptop, iPad and mobile!

Where else can you buy, even at night, using your pajamas? You do not have to wait in a queue or until the store assistant helps you with purchases.
You can make your purchases in minutes, even if you are busy. Besides you can save time and avoid the crowd. Online stores give you the opportunity to Buy 24 x 7 And reward yourself with non-polluting purchases.


3. There are incredible discounts

In many stores they usually have excellent promotions in online stores, which is not in their physical stores, so you should be attentive to their newsletters in their social networks.

4. Minor expenses

Many times, when we go out to buy in physical stores, we tend to spend more on food, transport or impulsive shopping, than on purchases themselves. This does not happen if you buy online.

5. Compulsive shopping

Many times when we go out of shopping, we acquire things that we do not need due to the seller's conviction power or to which we commit our choice due to the lack of options in the store.

6. Shipments to the door of your house

When buying at any online store, your order has to arrive at the door of your house you live where you live. Although you also give you the option to pick up your order at physical stores. What is not recommended is to go through your order at a subway station or points of that style, because you could be a victim of a fraud or theft. Nowadays you can receive your order with some shipping companies such as FedEx, DHL, Redpack, etc.
But the most beautiful at the end of having the purchase in your hands, openThe box and feel the emotion of a child opening a gift at Christmas.

7. You can see the comments and ratings of other people whoThey already have the products and this will be easier for you to make a decision.
8. You find products that nobody else has.
9. You do not need to spend your time and money in search of a parking lot.

10. Avoid hours in traffic. (Especially those who live on the CDMX)

11. It is easy to compare products and prices.
12. There is a greater variety of stores, brands and products in general.
13. You can buy brands that do not have physical stores.



- Read all the conditions of the purchase:
We constantly ignore this section. We usually give to the tab accept without reading the conditions that are offered and then we can get to carry more than one scare.
- Avoid unsecured purchase. 
As a general rule, all online sales establishments offer a safe sales service. Secure purchase implies that no one can know the transaction or see the data entered. The safe area is identified because in the URL is written like this in the browser: «https: //», while in the non-secure areas, the "S" does not appear, and a padlock also appears in the browser. Not in all phases of the purchase is necessary, but when a transaction occurs or personal data are introduced.
- Before buying, search for privacy conditions. 
It is of greater importance not to make a purchase until you know what will be done with personal data.
Save the order sheets. 
Once the purchase is made, the property is contacted via email to inform you that the purchase has been made correctly. It is important to save all notifications to avoid any problem.
Check the status of your order. 
As a general rule when a purchase is made, the property makes it easy "Tracking number", with which the user at any time can access the history of your order.
-Selate of the return conditions.
Any establishment must have a return policy in case of product deterioration, malfunction ... Before making the purchase Find out well of the return periods, necessary papers, product warranty, etc.
In summary C.OMPROR BY THE INTERNET offers many benefits for customers: time saving, diversity of products, offers, etc.
There are many reasons to buy online. However, the reasons why consumers prefers are: comfort, best prices, there is more variety of products, less spending, you can compare prices, avoids the crowd, decreases the temptation to make compulsive shopping and you can shop discrete
Know the benefits and reasons why people prefer online purchases, it will allow you to design adequate strategies to boost your sales.
Do you know other benefits from buying online? Focus



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