Chamarra vs Rain.

Chamarra vs Lluvia

The rainy season and cloudy days has already arrived and even though it is difficult to predict the climate we know for sure science it will rain at some point in the day and therefore it is better to be prepared.

Takes off the boots, the umbrella and above all, keep at hand Suitable jackets to protect you from the rain Do not surprise you!

Our selection of packed jackets for women will be your faithful friends, we recommend the following models:

Chamarra T50685.
-Camarra with closure to the front and in bags.
-Capucha with eyes and cotton departer with tanks.
-Includes packing bagTo travel slightly.
-Water resistant.

 Chamarra T50686.
- Short jacket with close up.
- Hidden closures in bags
- Includes packing bagTo travel slightly.
- Water resistant.

If you like the long jackets more, we present the following model:

Chamarra T50601.
Long jester
-Long neck
-Se buttons in front

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